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Samuel Theophilus
Machine Learning Engineer || Technical Writer
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A Company’s best resource is the people who bring creativity, productivity, and ultimately profitability to a company- Its Employees. For an organization to grow, it needs to develop its employees, have a great product, an amazing marketing team, and an expansion plan. One challenge faced during expansion is the demand for skilled staff who are capable of nurturing new expansion sites (branches). An organization can choose to:

The second option is definitely a cheaper and more effective option for the company because working…

DAGsHub· The home for data science collaboration

Platforms like GitHub have been tools for version controlling software projects. However, Machine learning projects are faced with new challenges while working with GitHub: “Model & Data version control”.

GitHub has a strict file limit of 100MB. This means that Data Scientists & ML Engineers will have to improvise in order to work with GitHub as this restriction prevents version control for Large Datasets and Model Weights. The good news is that DAGsHub solves this challenge thereby allowing efficient Version Control for Data Science projects!

What is DAGsHub?

DAGsHub is a web platform for data version control and collaboration for data scientists and…

I recently worked on a data science project that required handling very large datasets and processor power. I wanted a private cloud environment to host and execute my project, so I decided to try Google Colabs and in this article, I will be showing you how to do the same.

There are many ways to get started on Google Colab. You can upload an existing notebook from your local drive, use examples on Colab, get files from your google drive, or clone from your GitHub repo. …

Samuel Theophilus

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